How Taking a Chance Led to a New Life: Julia’s Story

• Julia is a German living in Southern Portugal, having first set foot on Portuguese terrain when she was 19.
• Julia has built a strong local community around her homestead, and runs a local Bitcoin meetup.
• Julia talks about the similarities between homesteading and Bitcoin, and the need for high upfront investment and low time preference for both activities.

Julia is a German native who made the life-changing decision to move to Portugal when she was 19 years old. Having had no plan beyond the initial three-month job opportunity, Julia suddenly found herself living and working in a new country, and has not returned to Germany since.

Julia has since found a home in Southern Portugal, where she has built a strong local community around her homestead. As the years have passed, Julia has become a respected member of the community, and has even started a local Bitcoin meetup. During our conversation, Julia shared many insights on how homesteading and Bitcoin are very similar in terms of requiring high upfront investment and low time preference.

Julia’s story is incredibly inspiring and shows how even with a single decision, one’s life can completely change. From the moment she decided to take a chance on a three-month job opportunity, Julia has been able to build a life for herself in Portugal with a strong local community around her. Her work with Bitcoin is also incredibly impressive, and her insights on how the two activities are similar are incredibly valuable.

Julia is a perfect example of how taking a chance can lead to amazing things. Her willingness to leave her home country and try something new has led her to a life she could have never imagined. We are thankful for her story and the valuable insights she has provided us.