Opinions on Bitiq – Beginners and Experts

Opinions on Bitiq in Spain: Beginners and Experts
This section is probably one of the key points of the article. Knowing the opinions about Bitiq in Spain is something fundamental beyond the analysis that we can do, that’s why we are going to use indistinctly beginners (i.e. users) and experts.

User reviews of Bitiq for beginners

We start with the beginner user reviews of Bitiq, reflecting the experience closest to what we as investors can experience.

It is worth noting that as Bitiq serves customers from 140 different countries, there are many reviews to be found across the networks. We thought it appropriate to access Trustpilot where, with 630 reviews, the average rating of the broker is 4.2 out of 5.

As a sample, we are going to reproduce below some of the latest testimonials that have been added to the aforementioned portal.

“Bitiq has always provided me with excellent service, support and technical assistance at all times […] Fund/profit transfers have usually been carried out immediately and without any hiccups or useless paperwork.” E.D.S.

“Serious broker, with an extensive training programme and above all a team of people who help you with everything you need.” M.A.D.

“They have attended me very quickly and once I told them about my problem they solved it very quickly. The treatment has been perfect, it is one of the strong points of Bitiq”. A.J.A.

All in all, users seem to agree that Bitiq is a broker that offers speed, excellent service and interesting training resources.

Expert reviews of Bitiq

Moving on to expert opinions about Bitiq, the best way to find out whether or not the broker is accepted or not is to look at its awards. The financial industry holds dozens of events every year that aim to reward and recognise the work of the broker.

With two decades of history, it is easy to imagine that Bitiq has managed to accumulate numerous awards, so we are only going to collect some of the most recent and eye-catching ones:

Best CFD Broker 2021 by Rankia Colombia.
Best Customer Support 2016 by Grand Prize of Excellence of France
Safest Global Broker 2021 by the International Investor Award Winners
Forex Broker of the Year 2017 by Le Fonti
Safest CFD Broker by the 9th Saudi Money Expo.

Bitiq commissions: how much does it cost to trade?
Another important section is Bitiq commissions, as it is always a good idea to know how much it costs to trade with a broker before you start working with them.

We will start by saying that there is no account opening fee, when it comes to deposits we will not see any charge as long as we use bank transfer, debit or credit card within the European Economic Area, Neteller, Sofort, PayPal or Skrill. When it comes to withdrawing funds, it will depend on the payment method you use.

At the operational level, ActivTrade uses spreads as a basic form of remuneration, these spreads vary depending on the asset that we are going to contract. However, there are also assets where a commission is applied. Let’s take a look at the following table: