Work: Your Contribution to Civilization and Our Collective Legacy

The Problem of Work and Money

This article discusses the problem with work and money in today’s economy, specifically in the tech industry. It looks at how massive layoffs are happening despite people performing productive labor, and why this is the case.

The Value of Work

Work is what takes a harsh world and makes it livable. It contributes to our civilization, communities, and families. In a normal functioning market, labor provides value.

Specialization of Work

Markets work because people are willing to pay for goods or services they find valuable. Through trade, we can leverage our own skills to get everything we want or need. Civilization gets built through specialization of work.

Unpleasant Tasks

There are tasks that pay well but people would rather not do them due to unpleasantness involved—these tasks have higher wages as a result.

Fault of Fiat Money
< p > The author argues that fiat money is responsible for not allowing work to be properly valued in today ‘s economy. This system has caused massive layoffs despite people performing productive labor.